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Ultrasonic Level Measurement
Ultrasonic Range Finder Production Of PCA Company
ULP series Benefits
Rejection noise
Low current draw & wide voltage range
Species serial, switch output
Easy run & setup parameter with software
Easy & low cost installing, low weight, small & resistant body
Weather resistant IP65
high Stability
ULP series have Low price and warranty against other samples
ULP Ultrasonic Sensors Features
1cm Resolution
Up to 6m detection
Weather Resistant IP65
2mA work current.
Reject noise & High Acoustic Power Output
Precise Narrow Beam
Low power battery base systems
50cm cable 8 wire
Adjustable All Parameter With Software
ULP Ultrasonic Applications
Car detections for free parking, bulk materials pastes, sludge and powdery to coarse
Industrial distance measuring: Volume monitoring, Motion control, Systems fault, Height monitors, Auto sizing, Box dimensions
Security People detection
Robot ranging sensor
ULP-600 Ultrasonic sensor distance finder Measurement properties Standard output Price $

1 Switch 4-20mA USD
1 pic
ULP-600 40cm to 6m YES YES YES NO 70 $
Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor ULP-600 catalog click here